20 Years In The Making

SON 95.jpg

The Seventh of Never story is one with peaks and valleys, triumphs and pitfalls and one that spans two decades. When we reunited in 2016, we decided the thing we missed most during our hiatus was the magic of writing new music. We agreed on day one that, in lieu of resurrecting our catalog (of very fine songs in their own rite) we would begin a brand new chapter in our story. Two years in the making, with twenty years of a shared passion, we bring you#TheTheoryOfEvilution

It's impossible to abundantly and inclusively thank everyone who helped us get here but it warrants the effort. To our parents who nurtured our love of music and encouraged our pursuit of our dreams; we thank you first. To our respective significant others for tolerating our absence and allowing us this quest, we are eternally grateful for your patience and unconditional love. And to the rest of you who also wouldn't fit in the CD jacket, namely: Phil Kain and Death By Metal STL, Michael W. Williams, Dave Barbarick, Billy Audrain, J.C. Girard, Divine Sorrow, Conquest, Image Technologies (ITC), Mark Morose, and saving the best for last - ALL OF YOU supporting Seventh of Never, buying our new record and coming to the shows. Love & \m/etal to all our friends!